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Moving to another country for permanent residence is a crucial step. It opens you new life prospects and opportunities. The main issue is to plan everything carefully so “ not to move with old problems to a new place”:
  • We accompany the legalization of stay for business owners and personnel in the EU

  • We advise on personal taxation in Poland and tax residency
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What issues do we help to solve?

We help document the move and save you and your family from many difficulties of adaptation to life in a new country.
Documentary registration of stay in a new country
Transfer of precious things, vehicles, art objects to a new place of life
Accompanying the purchase or rental of housing
Bringing your pets
Assistance in registration of education for your children
Assistance with medical insurance
Business registration and support
Change of tax residence. Tax consulting

Documentary registration in Poland

For company personnel:
  • Registration of invitations to work (Oświadczenie o zamiarze powierzenia pracy cudzoziemcowi) Processing time – to 2 weeks
  • Registration a work permit ( Zezwolenie na pracę) Processing time - from 2 weeks
  • Accompanying with obtaining a national visa type D, Business Harbor visa
  • Accompanying with obtaining the residence permits
  • Accompanying with obtaining the Pole Card
  • Accompanying the receipt of a Blue card and an EU resident card
For business owners:
  • Accompanying the registration of a residence permit for the business beneficiary and his family
  • Consulting on personal taxes and tax residency
Our advantages

Exceptionally individual approach
Assistance with all the necessary documents (PESEL, e-puap, registration in Poland)
Work for the result
Personal migration experience of our consultants

Free consultation

+48 662 765 351
+38 044 451 74 89
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